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Update on Progress Association

HP Community Liaison and

Progress Association Up & Running

Our Progress Association Interim Committee held its’ first business meeting recently and are looking to get into action straight away.

The Interim Committee comprises:

  • John Griffiths, Chair
  • Claire Pontin, Secretary/Public Officer
  • John Clucas, Treasurer
  • Alan Tickle, Assistant Treasurer
  • John Finnie, Publicity/Communications’ Officer
  • Ray Piper
  • John Stevenson
  • Ian Dyball

Discussions are being held with MidCoast Council on the Operational Plan for 2017/18 which is due to go on Public Exhibition late April.

The objects of the association is very much to do with community liaison and with that in mind, given short time available this year, the committee is keen to receive specific suggestions from individuals or community groups, that warrant inclusion in Council’s operational plan.

Examples such as;

Reseal or reconstruction of section of Black Head Road at the Diamond Beach intersection

Cycle and pedestrian connectivity on a staged basis from the villages to Black Head Beach and the Shopping Centre

Access in high water to the Black Head Ocean Pool filter

The committee also encourages membership of the organisation by individuals and community group representatives.

It is wide membership that adds to the credible representation that is made on your behalf.

Revised membership forms will be available via the News of Our World Website and Foodworks.

Your input for inclusion to Council’s community plan can be made to Chairman John Griffiths via email lynjohn4@bigpond.com or Secretary Claire Pontin cspontin@gmail.com

A meeting for the whole community, including prospective and existing members will be scheduled in a couple of months with the first AGM in August.

John Griffiths, Chairman


Hallidays Point Community Liaison & Progress Association

Thirty-three people were recorded in attendance at the formation meeting of the new local Progress Association held on the 7th February at the Black Head Surf Life Saving Club.

To get the meeting underway, Alan Tickle stepped in as Chair and Claire Pontin volunteered to be the meeting secretary.

Forty-one applications for membership have now been received.

There were questions and comments from the floor concerning the way ahead.

Claire Pontin explained that because of the chicken and egg situation with not being able to have an AGM to elect a Management Committee until you have a Constitution, and not being able to have a Constitution until you have a Management Committee, the NSW Department of Fair Trading (DFT) allows for the formation of an interim management committee without a formal AGM in order to set up the Association. Later, after the Constitution has been registered with DFT, a proper AGM can be held to elect the formal office bearers and members of the management committee.

At the previous meeting it had been suggested that the Red Head Action Group (RHAG) change its constitution to become the Hallidays Point Progress Association. John Clucas reported that RHAG had decided not to change but it supported the formation of a new HPPA and welcomed being involved in it. This was also confirmed by RHAG president Brian Mitchell via email.

The originally suggested name “Hallidays Point Progress Association” is unable to be registered because the name was used by a previous association which is no longer operational. Consequently, it was proposed and agreed that the new association be called the “Hallidays Point Community Liaison and Progress Association (CLAPA)”.

Nominations were called from the floor for people willing to take on the job of setting up the new association. It was agreed that this interim committee would finalise the constitution, lodge it with DFT, register the name and schedule the AGM for some time in August.

Nominations were received from: John Griffiths, Ray Piper, Ian Dyball, John Finnie, John Clucas, Claire Pontin, John Stevenson and Alan Tickle and it was agreed that these members be elected to the Inaugural Management Committee. At a meeting of the Inaugural Committee following the formation meeting it was agreed the interim office bearers be as follows:

John Griffiths – Interim Chair

Claire Pontin – Interim Secretary & Public Officer

John Finnie – Interim Publicity Officer

The first task for the Inaugural Management Committee will be to finalise the association’s constitution and lodge this with DFT. The draft constitution had previously been prepared by Claire Pontin and Alan Tickle and was widely circulated prior to the meeting.

It was proposed from the floor that a representative from Hallidays Point Primary School be sought to ensure that the interests of Hallidays Point youth be taken into consideration. This will be added to the list of organisations in the draft constitution.

Applications for membership of the Hallidays Point Community Liaison and Progress Association are encouraged. Membership is open to residents, community groups and businesses within Hallidays Point. Information and application forms for membership are available from the NoOW website:


Application forms are also available at Foodworks, Hallidays Point.

John Finnie, Interim Publicity Officer - 0411 785 033


Formation Meeting for Progress Association

After unanimous resolution to proceed to form a Progress Association, a draft constitution has been prepared.

The meeting is being held February 7th commencing 6.30pm at the Surf Club.

Membership forms will be available on the night as well as from Foodworks now.

There is no limit to the number of members but from the members a management committee will be formed that carries out actions on behalf of the larger total membership.

The objective is to have brought representation across all interest groups, so that there is an effective central point of communication for this area.

Mid Coast Council liaises with a number of similar organisations through the Council area and this is a very effective way of having an influential voice in matters affecting the community across the three levels of government.

As pointed out in previous editions, smaller communities will struggle to have meaningful influence in the very large Mid Coast Council particularly if there is no local person elected to the Council in September 2017.

The progress association provides a respected point of contact with all levels of government and their agencies.

The meeting on Feb 7th will need to agree on a name, as the Department of Fair Trade has refused the name Hallidays Point Progress Association as an organisation with the same name previously operated.

Hallidays Point Community Liaison and Progress Association is the name that has been reserved and has interim approval.

Joining the Progress Association does not necessarily mean that you have to take on responsibility because it really is the management committee that takes up the running of the association and even then meetings are expected to be quarterly other than when an extraordinary meeting is called.

Members of the community are encouraged to show their support by joining as members as well as attending the meeting.


As reported in the December edition, there was a unanimous resolution from the public meeting, to form a Progress Association.

A meeting to adopt the constitution and meet other formalities including election of a management committee, and accepting membership applications is scheduled for Tuesday February 7th commencing 6.30pm at the Surf Club.

A draft constitution has been formed which will be circulated to community groups and available to individuals over the next couple of weeks.

Members can only be individual persons, not a community group, but the objective is to have wide representation and a point of liaison with all groups and the wider community where a person on the management committee is designated as the representative and contact point for individual community and interest groups.

Local community groups are therefore being encouraged to nominate a representative. (email marjon7@bigpond.net.au to obtain a membership form and copy of the draft constitution).

Membership is also open to the wider community of the Hallidays Point area, including Rainbow Flat to Homestead Estate, so anyone interested to learn more, is encouraged to attend the next meeting and also request a membership form.

The purpose of the Progress Association as described in earlier editions, is to communicate effectively within the community so that there is positive understanding and support when needed, but importantly, the progress association will become the respected point of contact and communication with Mid Coast Council and other tiers of government and their agencies.